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Thursday, June 8, 2023


Korean law firm in Glenview concentrating in business & corporate law is looking to fill a Paralegal Position.Prior experience with bankruptcy docketing/filing is a plus, but not required.  A successful candidate should have:


o   Bilingual in English and Korean;

o   Minimum of associate degree and good academic record;

o   The ability to work independently while handling multiple, time-sensitive tasks;

o   Friendly interpersonal skills as this position will often interact with debt relief-seeking clients who are going through difficult time in their lives;

o   Excellent organizational, detail-oriented skills as cases require processing a high volume of documents and submitting them to banks, other attorneys, and courts  in a timely fashion;

o   Good attendance and punctuality records;

o   Solid writing, proof-reading, and research skills;

o   Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and ideally QuickBooks as well.


We offer competitive salary commensurate with the candidate’s experience. Begin date for this position is immediate.  Business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mondays through Fridays with limited overtime as needed.



글렌뷰에 위치한 한인 로펌에서 당장 일을 시작할 수 있는, 유능하고 성실한 사무관 (Paralegal) 을 찾습니다. 뱅크럽시 업무 경험 소지자를 우대하며, 자격 요건은 다음과 같습니다.

o   이중언어 (영어/한국어) 구사

o   2년제 칼리지 이상  졸업자로서 우수한 학업 성적

o   Multiple-tasking 능하며 감독관의 부재시 스스로 일 처리를 해낼 수 있는 능력

o   고객응대에 상냥하고 친절하며 대인관계에 능숙

o   파일링/폴더/문서 정리 등 organizational skill 이 뛰어나며 꼼꼼한 성격

o   시간 엄수

o   Writing 과 Research에 능통

o   마이크로 소프트Excel, Word, Outlook ,  QuickBooks 숙련

지원자의 경험을 참고하여 적절한 연봉을 책정해드립니다.


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